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Review - Book - Medieval Medicine in Illumined Manuscripts

Medieval Medicine in Illuminated Manuscripts

This book contains fabulous examples of different medical techniques and practices used throughout the Middle Ages taken from actual manuscripts (illumined or illustrated). It also illustrates, through these manuscripts, the evolution of medicine -- from practices based on superstitions to methods based on scientific research (such as autopsies).

Research - Motte and Bailey Castles

Most castles were built in a Motte (hill) and Bailey (keep) system. The earlier castles consisted of dirt hills (either natural or man-made) upon which a timber castle structure was built, then a large timber fenced-in keep was built around that. Within the keep were other buildings, such as a blacksmith shop, a bakery, the stables, etc. Most systems were built near freshwater sources. For those too far from streams or rivers, a cistern was created to contain water. However, during sieges, this could lead to the demise or surrender of the inhabitants once the water ran low.

This site contains a good definition of the motte and bailey system:


Excellent photos of mottes: http://www.castlewales.com/motte.html

Lots of links to examples: http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Motte-and-bailey

Resource - Castles of Spain

This site lists several historic castles in Spain, including the well-known Alhambra which is mentioned in great detail in Philippa Gregory's book "The Constant Princess". It was built in the 9th Century in Arabic style.


Visit this site for an interactive tour of the Alhambra: