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For Fun - Castles for Sale Around the World

Ok, I hooked you on the first posting of Castles for Sale...so just being curious, I did a search for castles for sale and found a bunch of interesting sites. It's hard to believe so many wonderful castles are available for sale. If only I had a few million dollars...I could be living in a nice castle right now...

Anyway, back to reality...

Medievalists - a neat blog with listings (a little outdated now) but still worth looking at for inspiration.

AOL's Real Estate Pages - Castle Gallery

Castle Magic - castle builders (for those who dream big!)

Forbes - an outdated listing but worth looking through

For Fun - Castles for Sale in America

Have a few million dollars lying around? Love the thought of living in a real castle complete with turrets and your own royal suite? You're in luck...check out these properties custom built to look like castles right here in America.

Feel free to drool...

Property Listings for a few castles

Properties Listings by State and also a few listings for canada.

HubPages with a few property listings and gorgeous pictures of the interiors.

Holy Turrets - properties for sale