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Tools - Working with Microsoft Word - Auto-Formatting Options


Lately I've been having an aggravating time with Microsoft Word, especially if I am reading critiques from others who have different settings than me. So I would like to post some helpful hints, starting with Auto-Formatting options.

1. Superscripting ordinal numbers (such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd)
2. Setting straight quotes vs smart quotes
3. Change fractions to the smaller fractional format

If you want to change any of these options, follow these steps:
For pre-2007 Word:
1. Go to Tools menu
2. Select "AutoCorrect Options"
3. Click "AutoFormat As You Type" tab
4. Uncheck the options you want to turn OFF.
5. Click Ok to save.

For 2007 Word:
1. Go to File menu
2. Click "Word Options" button at the bottom
3. Select "Proofing" in the left menu
4. Select "AutoCorrect Options" button
5. Click "AutoFormat As You Type" tab
6. Uncheck the options you want to turn OFF.
7. Click Ok to save.

For more helpful hints, check out:
TechRepublic Blog

Review - Book - Growing Up Royal

Growing Up Royal by Jane Billinghurst
An interesting book through the eyes of royal family members. Includes lots of tidbits of information regarding inheritance rules in different countries, roles of various staff members, who is involved with ceremonies and what they wear, and more. There's a list of the King of Britain's duties (or in the current case, Queen). The author even tells us a little about Balmoral, the vacation residence of the British monarchy. All presented in an easy-to-read format with lots of pictures.

Research - Ireland - Babies/Customs

Look at some odd customs about conception, birth and babies:

Irish Christianing Customs:

Birth Customs:

A few references to children:

Research - Holidays/Festivals - St. Nicholas' Day (Dec 6)

St. Nicholas' Day:

St. Nicholas was a 4th century bishop from Myra, who was imprisoned by Emperor Diocletian and died on December 6th (year unknown and his remains were moved). Legend says he resurrected three murdered boys, which led to him being known as the protector of children. St. Nicholas had a huge cult following, expanding the legends and practices. The Dutch Sint Klaes eventually morphed into Santa Claus with a red outfit and a sack of toys for children.

For more information:
StNicholas Center - an excellent explanation of the history of the holiday


The birth of Santa Claus

The Evolution of St Nicholas