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Review - Website - Scottish Knights Templar

Sometimes Googling on a topic pops up the most interesting websites, and this is one of those. Based on my search for Scottish Knights, this website came up and has a wonderful (albeit brief) timeline of Scottish History.

The other thing I love about it is the "Events This Week in Scottish History". Check it out!

Scottish Knights Templar

For Writers - Barbara Taylor Bradford Interview

There is a wonderful short video interview from one of my favorite novelist, bestselling Barbara Taylor Bradford available on the "Writers and authors" blog which includes clips from her Hallmark movies (based on her books). She gives practical advice from her own experience.

Click here for the

Review - Website - Essential Architecture

Sometimes I run across sites that, at first glance, seem uninspiring and not well organized. This is one of those, HOWEVER, once you start clicking around, you will find some wonderful full-color photographs of buildings that will make up for the lack in design. Lots of great information and research as the writer expounds on different archectural features and examples.

Click the link at the top and you can search for different types of buildings. My main two favorites are:




Other designs worth peeking at - bridges, temples, churches, and even tombs.

Review - Website - Listing of Scottish Games

It's about that time of year when the Scottish games begin!
What are "Scottish Games"?
Most of these festivals consist of fun-loving people donning kilts and tartans, sometimes playing bagpipes, dance competitions, children's activities, genealogy, playing Scottish sports, and more.

Check out this wonderful link to find an event near you!
Kilts n Quilts Festival Listings