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The Real #GeorgeWashington - #NationalGeographic Channel

The Real George Washington


Of all the legendary figures in American history, George Washington is in a class by himself. Founding father, Commander of the Continental Army, and Americas first president his face is as familiar as the dollar bill. Most everyone knows this great man, or thinks they do. But were starting to learn that much of what we thought is fact, is actually fiction. Today, archaeologists, scientists, and historians are uncovering new clues about the real George Washington. Their hi-tech tools and scientific techniques are peeling back the layers on this famous American, revealing the true man behind the myth - George Washington, the founding father we hardly knew.

  • Fredericksburg, Virginia - site of George's childhood home, 40 miles south of Mount Vernon
  • George's family was considered the second-tier gentry of Virginia
  • When he was 8 years old, Christmas Eve 1740, a fire broke out and destroyed most of his home.
  • At 16 years old, George was charting/surveying properties of te wealthy
  • At 21 years, George joined the Virginia Militia
  • At 26 years old, George targets Martha Cuscus, one of the wealthiest and prettiest widows of Virginia. Secretly, George was infatuated with his friend's wife, Sally Fairfax, and even sent her a note. Eventually his own marriage becomes a love match.
  • July 9, 1755 - George (at 33 years old) accompanies English advanced guard in French and Indian War. Indians attack. General Braddock is killed. Officers are dead or wounded, leaving George to lead remaining soldiers out.
  • December 26, 1776 - Washington crossed the Delaware River. George knew frost would arrive during the night and his group could evacuate so they leave behind decoy campfires to trick English General Cornwallis. At 8am, Cornwallis attacks but Washington and his men are gone; George surprise attacks them and defeats them.
  • Washington was around slaves his whole life. He had 300 slaves at Mount Vernon (6 days a week) and brought slaves to the Executive Mansion (precursor to the White House).
  • Washington dies at 10:20 and the clock is stopped to mark the time. In his will, he requests all his slaves be freed and educated but only after Martha's death. She actually frees them early.

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