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Word Fun

Ever have a scenario where you need a specific word? Or you want to describe something, but have no idea how to sum it into one word?

Just for fun, here's a brief list of some unusual but useful words:

Abecedarian - a person who is learning the alphabet
Adoxography - skilled writing on an unimportant subject
Autolatry - the worship of one's self
Agelast - a person who never laughs
Apodyopsis - the act of mentally undressing someone
Algerining - prowling around with the intent to commit burglary

Basorexia - the overwhelming desire to kiss
Blandiloquent - speaking in a flattering or ingratiating manner
Bombilate - to loudly hum or buzz continuously
Brontide - the low rumbling of distant thunder

Cachinnation - loud or hysterical laughter
Cagamosis - an unhappy marriage
Cancatervate - to heap up into a pile
Cataglottism - French kissing
Clithridiate - key-hole shaped
Colposinquanonia - estimating a woman's beauty by the size of her chest
Cruciverbalist - one who loves doing crossword puzzles

Dactylonomy - counting using one's fingers
Defenestrate - to throw out of a window
Dentiloquent - someone talking through their teeth
Digamy - a second marriage
Dompteuse - a woman who trains animals

Eccedentesiast - one who fakes a smile (such as on TV)
Estrapade - a horse's attempt to remove its rider

Farctate - overeating or being stuffed

Gambrinous - full of beer
Gargalesis - heavy tickling
Gargalesthesia - the sensation or feeling caused by tickling
Gowpen - a double handful
Gymnophoria - the sensation that someone is mentally undressing you

Hamartithia - being likely to make a mistake

Interfenestration - the space between two windows

Knismesis - light tickling
Krukolibidinous - staring at someone's crotch

Lalochezia - using foul or abusive language to relieve stress or pain
Lethologica - the inability to recall a precise word for something

Maledicent - one who is addicted to abusive speech
Mammothrept - a child who is raised and spoiled by their grandmother
Matronolagnia - one who is attracted to older women, especially ones with children
Mulligrubs - a state of depression or low spirits
Mumpsimus - one who sticks obstinately and wrongly in their old ways

Nelipot - one who walks without shoes
Nudiustertian - the day before yesterday

Onychophagy - the habit of fingernail biting

Pandiculation - stretching and yawning before or after going to bed
Philosophunculist - one who pretends to know more than they to impress others (know it all)

Quidnunc - one who always wants to know what is going on

Recumbentibus - a knockout blow (verbal or physical)

Sciapodous - having huge feet
Sgiomlaireached - the habit of dropping in at mealtimes
Sphallolalia - flirtatious talk that leads nowhere

Tachyphagia - fast eating
Thelemic - permitting people to do as they like

Ultracrepidarian - Of one who speaks or offers opinions on matters beyond their knowledge (another know-it-all)

Ventripotent - big-bellied, gluttonous
Viraginity - masculine qualities in a woman

Witzelsucht - a feeble attempt at humor

Xerophagy - a diet of bread and water