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Irish Festivals

Sláinte! Cheers!
Since we're on the topic of festivals, here are some upcoming Irish festivals. Those held in March, in honor of St. Patrick's, are really fun.


It's time for a Renaissance Faire!

I'm in the mood for a Renaissance Faire, especially with the heat of summer quickly cooling off and autumn heading our way.

Haven't been to a Ren Faire yet? You are missing out on some real fun. Visitors often dress in costumes (ranging from fairy creature to knights to pirates and more). Try tasty fair food, including roasted turkey legs and polish dog on a stick. Most have jousting tournaments. There are usually entertaining shows and musical groups. Check the website before going so you know the venues and the ticket prices.

Check out this listing of over 200 Renaissance and Pirate Faires around the United States, so find one in your area:

Review - Book - Medieval Children by Nicholas Orme

"Medieval Children" by Nicholas Orme
Interesting book on aspects of raising children during the Medieval period.

A few interesting things I learned:
- "By 1493, the royal family was enforcing strict checks upon nurses' and babies' food. Whatever the nurse ate and drank herself was to be 'assayed' or tasted beforehand, for quality, by the household staff."
- They used bibs or "slavering clouts"
- Babies are given underclothes, petticoats, hose, coats, etc.
- Babies wore nappies (diapers)
- A cricket was a nursing stool or later a child's stool