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Review - TV - Weird Weapons of the Middle Ages

History International hosts a wonderful video series called "Conquest", which often focuses on various weaponry used in history. This particular review focuses on the episode titled "Weird Weapons of the Middle Ages", which just touches a small portion of the interesting weapons and tools that were used during this period.

In this episode, the gang tries to combat a knight outfitted in plate armor with several odd weapons. The plate armor suit, weighing 60 lbs, is very solid and difficult to pierce except by sharp metal and within close range.

The Falchion was a single-blade sword that could slash against armor. It weighed between 5 and 8 pounds.

The mace was popular for close-range hits.

The flail, also known as the ball-and-chain, was an effective weapon if used carefully since the spike ball at the chain-end of the handle could hit the user.

Other weapons include hammer, ahlspiess (a spear), billhook, and a Godendag (club with spikes).

Want to see these in action? Check out the show on YouTube:
"Weird Weapons of the Middle Ages":
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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