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Winter Blues - Everything is Frozen

Snow storms have swept across this country the past week, which aren't too unusual for winter. But what is unusual are the ice and snow storms in normally warmer areas, such as southern Texas anbd Arizona. Even in Dallas we saw a week of below-freezing temperatures.

Amazingly, the last time Dallas experienced record cold temperatures was back in 1996 when it was only 8 degrees. Yuk!

Acording to the Dallas Weather Examiner, the record temperatures that have been reported are as follows:

FEBRUARY 2: 7 (1985)

FEBRUARY 3: 14 (1996, 1985, 1905)

FEBRUARY 4: 8 (1996)

Ever seen a frozen waterfall? Here's a picture of my pool's waterfall:

Here are some other frozen fountains I found on the internet. Beautiful!


  1. Love your frozen waterfalls, Wendy! I'm glad temps have warmed up a bit!

  2. Thanks - I am happy it's back in the 70's again!! (Sorry to those still dealing with cold weather)