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#ModernMarvels - #Saws - #HistoryChannel

Modern Marvels - Saws (Season 3 Episode 4)

Original air date: June 27, 2008

They have the sharpest teeth known to man, but only bite on command. They brought down the forests and built up the pyramids. Some have used them to torture, others to cure. They're a cut above for construction, salvage, demolition - and they even make music.

  • Prehistoric flint stone saws have been discovered
  • 4900 BC - Egyptians created metal/copper saws (eventually replaced with bronze and iron)
  • 700 BC - The teeth on the saw are designed in the direction of the cut
  • 1730's - Amputation Saws are used (sawing back and forth). Unfortunately, they were not properly cleaned or sanitized and spread disease.
  • 1930's - Crosscut saws are introduced
  • Interestingly (and sadly) - Timber Cutting is one of the most lethal jobs in America with 110 deaths per 100,000 workers

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