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Western Travel - Historic Courthouse Square - Glen Rose, Texas - #TravelTuesday

Glen Rose, Texas is a small town of about 2500 people but it thrives on the thousands of tourists that flock to its many sites including the Dinosaur Valley State Park, Dinosaur World, The Promise, Creation Evidence Museum, and Fossil Rim Drive-through Safari park. The city is full of historic buildings and markers. I was able to visit the History Courthouse Square downtown.

  A large bronze statue of Charles and Juana Barnard sits near the front end of the square. This depiction of Glen Rose's founding family was sculpted in 2007 by Robert Summers (a local artist). The Barnard's is a real sweet love story - Juana Cavasos was rescued from Comanches by George and Charles Barnard who were Indian traders. Juana fell in love with Charles and married. In 1861, they built a grist mill in what would become Glen Rose.

    After the first burned down, the Somervell County Courthouse was rebuilt in 1893 of native limestone in the Romanesque Revival architectural style.

  A plaque about Somervell County which was named after General Alexander Somervell (1796-1854).

The Bandstand
A Star-Shaped Fountain
A Star Mosaic

  Dinosaur Footprint

For more info on Glen Rose, Texas, check out their official site: www.glenrosetexas.net/164/Convention-Visitors-Bureau
Info on the Courthouse: www.texasescapes.com/CentralTexasTownsNorth/GlenRoseTexas/SomervellCountyCourthouse.htm
Additional information and pictures can be found on the NOAH site: https://alwaysnoah.com/poi/wtgr-barnards-brazos-courthouse-square

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