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Historical Tidbit Thursdays - The Comanches - Origins of Name - #TidbitThursday


Welcome to our newest addition to the blog - Historical Tidbit Thursdays!

This week I learned some interesting factoids on the names of the Comanche tribe.
Originally they were known as Nermernuh ("People" or "True Human Beings"). Other tribes didn't call them "People". Each tribe called itself "People".
The Cheyennes called them "Shishin-ohts-hit-ahn wy-oh" (Snake People).
The Athapaskan-speaking tribes called them "Idahi".
The Siouan-speaking tribes of the western river valley valled them "Pah-dooh-kah" or "Padoucas"
The Mountain Utes called them "Koh-mahts" ("Those Against Us" or "Enemy").

Comanches: The Destruction of a People by T.R.Fehrenbach; ISBN#0-306-80586-3

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