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Historical Tidbit Thursdays - The Oregon Trail - The Beginnings - #TidbitThursday


Welcome to our newest addition to the blog - Historical Tidbit Thursdays!

The next few weeks I'm veering off my normal Texas History research trail to dive deep into the Oregon Trail and share my research with you! Hope you enjoy!

In 1824, Jedediah Smith, a mountain man, found a pass through the Rocky Mountains. He and his companions were the first U.S. explorers to reach Oregon country.

In 1836, the White Mission was founded at what is today's Walla Walla, Washington; it became a stop near the end of the Oregon Trail.

Mountain men and fur trappers journeyed to Oregon Country over the years. The first large group to travel over what would become known as the Oregon trail left Independence, Missouri in May of 1843. 1000 people made the 2000 mile journey over 6 months with 120 wagons.

The Oregon Country had changed hands many times before this time among France, Russia, Great Britain and Spain. By 1846, a treaty with Great Britain made it a part of the United States.

The Oregon Trail by Rachel Lynette; ISBN#978-1-4777-0786-9 ISBN#0-306-80586-3

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