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Western Travel - Heritage Farmstead Museum (Part Eighteen) - Plano, Texas - #TravelTuesday

Welcome to my weekly column #TravelTuesday featuring places I've discovered during my research trips or just wandering around in historical areas. I hope you enjoy my discoveries.

Last week we visited the Curing Shed outside the Farrell-Wilson House. Today we'll continue our walk outside.

Here's a view of the yard behind the main house. Across the way you can see the Young House (more on that in another post). To the left sits the large pole barn. According to the website, the wood on the barn comes from bois d'arc trees from the Red River area. It originally held animals, tools/machinery, and a hammer mill for grinding. A concrete floor was added and now it's used for party/group rentals.

A side view of the barn and the animal pen attached to the back. The wagon and shovel are modern but the wood pile is old-fashioned.

Close-up of the barn's side. The lamp is modern. I took this photo to show the construction of the posts (on the left side) and how they were fitted together. This might be reproduction as opposed to original.

This little cart was stored back in the wagon/carriage house. Barely room for 2 on the narrow seat. It would have been hooked up to a horse harness.

Learn more by checking out the official site - www.heritagefarmstead.org/

boy's Heritage Farmstead Museum Physical Address: 1900 West 15th Street, Plano, Texas 75075 Phone Number: 972-881-0140 Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-4:30pm. Closed Mondays and major holidays. Admission: $3.00 per person (ages 3 and up) + $4 for tour of house

Reference: https://www.heritagefarmstead.org/farrell-wilson-house-outbuildings/

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