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Historical Tidbit Thursdays - The History of Weaponry - Medieval Europe - #TidbitThursday #WeaponHistory


Welcome to Historical Tidbit Thursdays. For the next few weeks, we'll follow the timeline presented in the book, "A History of Weaponry" by John O'Bryan. Last week we viewed weapons from the Dark Ages (400 - 1300 CE).. This week we'll look at some of the weapons created during Europe's Medieval Period (1300 - 1500 AD).

Morning Star - (1300's) German or Flemish spked mace that could penetrate the rings/links of chain mail (shirt of armor).

Buckler Shield - (1200 - 1600) a small round shield held in the hand, with or without spikes

Estoc - (1300's) French slender, thin bladed sword that could squeeze through armor to do damage. (Known as a Tuck in England).

Flail - iron-studded ball on a chain (sometimes multiple balls); impractical and difficult to control but menacing

War Hammer - over two foot long claw or pick hammer; longer version is known as a bec-de-corbin ("crow's beak")

A History of Weaponry by John O'Bryan; ISBN#978-1-4521-1054-7

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