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Historical Tidbit Thursdays - The History of Weaponry - Early Modern Europe (part two) - #TidbitThursday #WeaponHistory


Welcome to Historical Tidbit Thursdays. For the next few weeks, we'll follow the timeline presented in the book, "A History of Weaponry" by John O'Bryan. This week we'll continue to look at some of the weapons created during Early Modern Europe (1500 - 1800).

Blunderbuss - (early 1600s, widely used by 1700s) flared muzzle made for easier loading (still only single shot and loaded one item at a time); when fired the metal pellets sprayed out; had a powerful kick so shooter fires from hip not from chest or shoulder

Chain Shot or Bar Shot - (1600's) specially made to shoot out of canons to cause the most damage to ships' masts and rigging; less accurate than round canon balls; more likely used at closer range

Guillotine - (late 1700's) - an infamously French invention to slice off a person's head with a slanted blade; early models didn't work too well

A History of Weaponry by John O'Bryan; ISBN#978-1-4521-1054-7

Photo Credit: Blunderbuss - http://www.replicaweaponry.com%2Fleft-handed-pirate-flintlock-blunderbuss-replica-denix.html&psig=AOvVaw1I6G3wks2lAIBY8ooZDSSN&ust=1535036184097982
Photo Credit: Chain shot - http://www.icollector.com%2FNaval-chain-shot-12-pounder-early-1800s-rare_i17425677&psig=AOvVaw1yk8rmgHBDlWnyQfDHwi1I&ust=1535036260597884
Photo Credit: Bar shot - http://www.icollector.com%2FRevolutionary-War-Expandable-Bar-Shot-Rare-Antique-Cannon-Bar-Shot_i10110325&psig=AOvVaw3GonACZERdGw8pyAHbKoC6&ust=1535036298965808
Photo Credit: Guillotine - https://www.britannica.com%2Ftopic%2Fguillotine&psig=AOvVaw0TeijNPeybX6CHBDAmuNh6&ust=1535036363395416

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