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Video Review - American Heroes Channel - America: Facts or Fiction - The New World

America: Facts or Fiction - Season 1 Episode 7: The New World

Release date: August 14, 2013


"There is more to the explorers who discovered America than we have been told. On the next episode of America's Facts Vs. Fiction learn Christopher Columbus never stepped foot in North America and Hernán Cortés didn't defeat the Aztecs by himself."


Christopher Columbus was an English translation to his name and he did not go by that name during his lifetime.
There is no consensus to what his name really was and could have been Cristoforo Columbo (Italian) or Cristobal Colon (Spanish)
Greek philosopher Eratothenese proved the Earth was round back in 240 BC. Despite what many think, Columbus did not sail West to prove the Earth was round.
King Ferdinand approved Columbus's voyage and was funded with private investors.
Columbus's ship "Pinta" meant "the painted one" (also, a term to describe a prostitute). We'll assume that was his investor's choice.
He kept 2 log books. One with the actual nautical miles and another with shorter distances.
There was a reward (of 10,000 maravedis) to the first person to spot land. Rodrigo De Triana spotted land first but Columbus took the credit.
Columbus landed in the Bahamas where they met friendly Indians. They discovered pineapple, turkey, hammocks and tobacco.
Hernan Cortes lands in Mexico (1519) illegally (without permission). He meets natives who are angry with the powerful Aztec tribes (and the dictator Montezuma) and they agree to help him attack.
Cortes sank his own ships to keep his crew members from deserting.
Smallpox killed most of the natives.

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