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Video Review - American Heroes Channel - America: Facts or Fiction - Fool's Gold

America: Facts or Fiction - Season 2 Episode 1: Fool's Gold

Release date: October 7, 2014


"The real facts behind America's biggest economic boom and biggest bust will shock you. On this episode of America: Facts vs. Fiction, discover a treasure of nuggets about the California gold rush and the Stock Market Crash of 1929."


The first gold rush in North America was in 1799 in North Carolina.

The second gold rush in North America was in 1828 in Georgia

The third gold rush in North America was in 1849 in California (the Gold Rush we all know about and learned in school)

Over 50,000 people hit the trail in 1849 to go find gold and "strike it rich" (although most did not). The first arrivals could find gold in pans in the rivers but within months the gold was harder to find.

One in five died of diseases, accidents or violence within the first six months.

One in four miners (25%) came from outside the U.S.

Arsonists would burn hotels, etc to get the gold left behind in mattresses

The frenzy of the gold rush ends around 1860.

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