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Video Review - American Heroes Channel - Gunslingers - Deacon Jim Miller

Gunslingers - Deacon Jim Miller - The Pious Killer

Season 2, Episode 6

Release date: August 23, 2015


"Gunslingers immerses viewers in the true stories behind infamous icons and conflicts of the Wild West. Watch as the real, little-known adventures of the Wild West's iconic characters, and see how their fearless pursuit of freedom and profit still resonate in America today."


Deacon Jim Miller aka "Killer Jim" was cagey, smart, deadly, and had a black soul.

He killed at least 51 men.

Acted like a mobster - scared off witnesses or killed them (or had someone else kill them) or paid them for silence

Yet, he didn't drink or use foul language. He appeared to be a family man and attended church.

July 30, 1884 - Coryell County, Texas - He slipped out of church, rode to his brother-in-law's house (John Coop) and killed him while he slept on his porch. Then he raced back to church to a revival meeting as if nothing had happened.

Jim worked hard on his "good guy" image. At his first murder trial, his lawyer was able to get the case thrown out (due to a technicality like a misspelled name or a wrong date).

When Jim lost his father, he and his mother went to live with his grandparents. They were his first victims at the age of 8. He was never charged or went to trial.

During his younger year, he committed petty thefts, horse or cattle thievery.

Around 1880s, the Clemens Clan (cousins of John Wesley Hardin's family) worked for them. Jim married Sally and settled in Pecos.

1891 - Bud Frazer was elected sheriff. Jim Miller became deputy. Jim attended Methodist Church.

After a slew of robberies, and Miller not making any arrests, Bud stripped him of his badge. Thus began a reign of terror in Pecos.

Jim built a crime empire of sorts - rustling cattle and horses. When Bud went out of town, crime became rampant.

Miller is eventually appointed town marshal (like a one-man police force or chief). After Bud tries to shoot him, Miller retaliates and kills him at a saloon.

After Miller's trial (where he was acquitted), he becomes unpopular in PEcos and moves to a little town near Fort Worth where he works as a gun-for-hire. His prices started at $50 then went up to $2000. He was living the high life. People were scared of him.

Upon his hanging, he kicked the stool out himself. They buried him face down.

You may be able to watch this episode on the American Heroes Channel or it might be out there on YouTube. I didn't find it on Amazon.

Link to the Gunslinger Series on AHC site

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