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Historical Tidbit Thursdays - Vikings - Old Norse Language - #TidbitThursday

Howdy! Last week we took a quick look at Old Norse and Scandinavian place names throughout the United Kingdom. This week we'll learn some Old Norse. Hope you enjoy digging in!

Old Norse geographical words:
  • ey - "island"
  • staup - "steep"
  • meols - "sandbank or sand dunes"
  • -by, -byr - "settlement or farm"
  • stein - "stone"

Old Norse food and drink words:
  • bjórr - "beer"
  • blymingr - "bread"
  • porskr - "cod"
  • skadd - "herring"

Old Norse common words:
  • dorg - "fishing line"
  • geit - "goat"
  • kirk - "church"
  • skyrta - "shirt"
  • brók - "trousers"
  • knappr - "button"
  • rannsaka - "ransack"

Old Norse ship-related words:
  • skip - "ship"
  • skeid - "warship"
  • dreki - "dragon ship"

Anglo-Saxons borrowed many Old Norse words which eventually became English. Examples include their, they, them, die, egg, cast, knife and window.


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