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Historical Tidbit Thursdays - Vikings - Scandinavian Languages (Part Three) - #TidbitThursday

Howdy! Last week we learned some Danish words. This week we're going to learn a few more words. Hope you enjoy digging in!

    Health Words:
  • I have pain here - Jeg har ondt her (Yigh har ont hair)
  • I'm ill/sick - Jeg er syg(Igh air soo-oo)
  • I feel dizzy - Jeg er svimmel (Yigh air svimmel)
  • I'm pregnant - Jeg er gravid (Yigh air gra-veethe)

    Body Parts:
  • Ankle - anklen (ank-len)
  • Arm - armen(armen)
  • Back - ryggen (rooggen)
  • Foot - foden (foe-then)
  • Head - hovedet (ho-erthet)
  • Leg - benet(beenet)
  • Shoulder - skulderen (skoollern)
  • Throat - halsen (hal-sen)

    Other Health Words:
  • I have a toothache - Jeg har tandpine(Yigh har tann-peener)
  • My child is ill - Mit barn er sygt(Meet barn air soo-oot)
  • Doctor - doktor(doktor)
  • Dentist - tandlaege (tann-layer)

Just Enough Scandinavian

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