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#ModernMarvels - #Locomotives - #HistoryChannel

Modern Marvels - Locomotives (Season 2 Episode 4)

Original air date: May 23, 2008

Zip through the French countryside at nearly 300 MPH on the TGV--the fastest locomotive in the world. Ride on the little engines that could as they guide giant ships through the Panama Canal. Watch two locomotives crash head-on as the federal government monitors safety.

  • 1804 - the steam locomotive arrives
  • The "Fireman" shovels coal into the train's fire to produce steam only when needed
  • He shovels about 1.5 tons of coal per hour
  • The Fireman is on duty 12 hours a day (that could be up to 15 tons of coal a day!)
  • The temperature is around 2500 degrees!
  • The Railroad Engineer is also a technician and may have to make repairs when necessary
  • When 2 locomotives crash head-on, the one with the most momentum will move up/over the second one

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