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#Tribes of #Native #America - #Apache

Apache (Tribes of Native America Series) by Marla Felkins Ryan, Linda Schmittroth

ISBN-13: 978-1567116045

Publisher: Blackbirch Press (October 2002)

The Tribes of Native America series from Blackbirch Press delve into the major tribes that have helped shape and form the America we know today in an easy-to-read format and loaded with factual tidbits. This particular book from the series concentrates on the Apache Indian tribe and a handful of famous Apaches (such as Geronimo and Cochise).

  • The word "Apache" comes from a Zuni word, "apachu" which means "enemy"
  • 1540 - Spanish explorers meet the Apache natives for the first time
  • Late 1500's, the Spanish built settlements and missions and forced Apaches into slavery
  • Geronimo (1827 - 1909) was a medicine man and warrior. In 1858, Mexican raiders killed his mother, wife and children.
  • In 1861, the Chiricahua tribe leader, Cochise, is arrested on false kidnapping charges. He escapes but his people are murdered which triggers the Apache Wars.
  • 1874 - Cochise dies.
  • 1886 - Geronimo's band surrenders, effectively marking the end of the Apache's war against white settlement.
  • 1913 - Most of the surviving Chiricahua natives move to the Mescalero Reservation in New Mexico.
  • Apaches build single-family homes called wickiups which are cone or dome-shaped frames covered with brush/skins/mats.
  • Since a lot of Apache bands lived near the Mexican border, they adopted Mexican-style dress and customs.

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