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Historical Tidbit Thursdays - The Comanches - Spirits and Magic - #TidbitThursday


Welcome to our newest addition to the blog - Historical Tidbit Thursdays!

The major spirits, Father-Sun, Mother-Earth, and Mother-Moon were remote and out of reach.
Comanches worshipped animals and prayed to animal spirits. Eagle spirit provided soaring strength. Deer spirit provided agility. Wolf spirit provided wise ferocity.
Every male at puberty sought his personal medicine before he took his first buffalo hunt or war trail. He sought his visions through vigils, praying, smoking tobacco or sumac leaves, fasting, singing, etc.
The owner of a spirit acquired a series of complex taboos that went along with it. For example, a hunter with the eagle spirit took on the idiosyncrasies of the great bird, such as not allowing anyone to pass behind him while he ate.
Men with the buffalo medicine/spirit prayed to the great beasts to come into their valley to hunt. After a kill, the heart was left intact inside the skeleton so that the buffalo spirit might live and replenish the plains.

Comanches: The Destruction of a People by T.R.Fehrenbach; ISBN#0-306-80586-3

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