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Western Travel - Heritage Farmstead Museum (Part Eight) - Plano, Texas - #TravelTuesday

Welcome to my weekly column #TravelTuesday featuring places I've discovered during my research trips or just wandering around in historical areas. I hope you enjoy my discoveries.

Last week we completed our wanderings of the floor hallway. Today we're going to head upstairs...

Tucked in the back of the office just above the kitchen is a little room made into an office and man-cave. This photo was staged and some of the furniture shown here are no longer displayed in this room (at the time I visited anyway).

As we enter the office, the first thing we find is a tall wooden file cabinet that is partially blocking the steep, narrow backstairs to the kitchen below.

The stair rail currently displays a set of leather saddles.

The last saddle is actually a lady's side saddle (see how the pummel sits askew). A built-in storage cabinet utilizes the tiny corner space. An old book titled "Harris & Son" sits on the bottom of the small table while a strange cow horn and a fancy crystal glass drink set rest on the top. This photo offers a good view of the patterned wallpaper.

Turning slightly left from the saddles we come upon a small felt-topped gaming table set up with dominoes and two interesting chairs. Just behind there on the right we get a glimpse of a secretary desk and an old-fashioned typewriter.

Here's a better look at the secretary desk in the far right corner of the room. Above it hangs a rifle set upon small deer antlers. Beside it stands a coat rack with a carved walking cane and a felt hat. Take note of the interesting looking glass next to the display of old books.

On the very left of the room is the black coal-fed furnace which would heat this room (and most likely nearby rooms). Note the coal bucket beside it on the floor. The wooden writing desk has seen better days but I like the row of ink bottles sitting on the top.

Learn more by checking out the official site - www.heritagefarmstead.org/

Heritage Farmstead Museum Physical Address: 1900 West 15th Street, Plano, Texas 75075 Phone Number: 972-881-0140 Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-4:30pm. Closed Mondays and major holidays. Admission: $3.00 per person (ages 3 and up) + $4 for tour of house

Photo Credit of Stage Office - https://www.heritagefarmstead.org

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