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Western Travel - Heritage Farmstead Museum (Part Six) - Plano, Texas - #TravelTuesday

Welcome to my weekly column #TravelTuesday featuring places I've discovered during my research trips or just wandering around in historical areas. I hope you enjoy my discoveries.

Last week we investigated the Farrell-Wilson informal family parlor. Today, we'll start our tour back at the front doorway looking toward the back of the house as in this beautiful photograph from the Heritage Farmstead collection. The first thing that will catch your eye is the abundance of color - the ornately designed carpet covering the stair treads, the almost aqua wallpaper with pink rose bouquet designs, the intricately patterned rugs, and the floral wallpaper in the family parlor.

We've seen this photograph before but I placed it here so we can revisit the details of the wallpaper and the stair runner. Also, you may notice the house is a bit darker in my own photographs as I didn't have external flash devices available. Despite the bright sunshine, the house was a bit dark inside even with the electric features turned on.

As we move toward the back of the house, we stop at the hall tree standing between two sets of carved wooden chairs. An umbrella and cane rest in the base of the tree while a nice bowler hat hangs above the oval mirror (a little bit different straw hat was hanging on the tree in the Farmstead's staged photo above).

A quick glance up at the electric pendant light hanging from the ceiling.

A small working area at the end of the hallway, right next to the dining room and kitchen. First thing to notice is the old-fashioned telephone box hanging on the wall and the telephone sitting on the table.

Also on the table is the book, "Never a Good Girl: The Renegade Spirit of the Farrell-Wilson Family" by Hilary Kidd and Jessica Bell, limitedly available as hardcover on Amazon:

Learn more by checking out the official site - www.heritagefarmstead.org/

Heritage Farmstead Museum Physical Address: 1900 West 15th Street, Plano, Texas 75075 Phone Number: 972-881-0140 Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-4:30pm. Closed Mondays and major holidays. Admission: $3.00 per person (ages 3 and up) + $4 for tour of house

Photo Credit of Downstairs First Floor - http://www.heritagefarmstead.org

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