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Video Review - Travel Channel - Expedition Unknown - The Legend of Jesse James

Josh Gates hosts this interesting series, Expedition Unknown, where he travels to places around the world and investigates significant historical and/or archaeological finds. Today, I'm reviewing Episode #4 from Season #1, "The Legend of Jesse James".

Expedition Unknown - The Legend of Jesse James

Season 1 - Episode 4


Jesse James and his gang came into possession a Mexican gold train but it's gone missing and ever since treasure hunters have been trying to locate it.

Jesse James was born at a farm house in Kearney, Missouri. His father went to California to do some gold mining and got sick. He died when Jesse was 3 years old.

When Jesse was 14 years old, his older brother, Frank, went to fight in the Civil War.

Oklahoma, 1875 - Jesse James ambushes a train of pack mules carrying tons of gold buillon coming out of the Mexican territory.

That winter was a bad one so they decide to bury the gold and mark the spot with a Burro's shoe nailed to a tree and shooting 6 rounds of ammo into another tree.

Seven years later, Jesse is assassinated by a member of his own gang.

1907 - Frank James dug up a portion of the trasure ($6000).

1932 - a copper map was found.

1933 - a brass bucket containing coins was found near the Wichita Mountains. On the side of the bucket a contract was hammered/carved into the material.

People have found symbols like "JJ", turkey tracks, a cross, a hook, and an arrow shown on maps and carved into things in the general area of Robber's Cave, OK. But so far nothing has been uncovered. Were they red herrings?

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