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Video Review - Travel Channel - Legendary Locations - John Thompson

Josh Gates hosts several interesting series on the Travel Channel. This particular series focuses on locations that are steeped in myths, legends, or famous events. Today, we're taking a look at John Thompson, a simple mailman in this episode titled "About Time".

Legendary Locations - About Time

Season 2 - Episode 7


From a cursed clock in Prague to a death-defying rescue in the snowy Sierra Nevada Mountains, Josh Gates explores six legendary locations that have withstood the test of time.

1850's Sierra Nevada Mountains, site of the infamous Donner party crossing, is where native Norwegian John Thompson operates as a mailman.
To get through the snowy places, John used a single ski of oak longboards that measured 9 feet long and 1.5 inches thick as well as a long pole that he held horizontally for balance. This getup earned him the nickname "Snow Shoe Thompson".
December 1856, John finds a nearly frozen fur trapper, James Sisson. He carries him to Mormon Station. Due to the frozen condition, the doctor needs to amputate, but the doctor has no antiseptic.
So John skis to Placerville but the druggist is out of antiseptic.
This time John rides a horse over 40 miles to Sacramento, California. He is able to get the antiseptic and rides all the way back to Mormon Station.
Thankfully, James Sisson survives the amputation of his legs.

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