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Western Travel - Frisco Heritage Center - Frisco, Texas - #TravelTuesday

One of my greatest pleasures is to travel to places that are either historical in nature or feature culture of an area. The Frisco Heritage Center in Frisco, Texas satisfies both of those. The Center features 8 historical buildings as well as a locomotive train, a working blacksmith workshop, and a two-story museum. Almost every third Sunday, the center hosts an open house with activities and guides (and is FREE except for the Museum). Plenty of free parking in the area.

The property itself sits on four acres right next to the BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) Railway and you will see in the back of the property a 1910 Steam Locomotive and a replica train depot. According to the Heritage Center's website, "Number 19 stands over 15’ tall, 64’ long and weighs in at 185,000 pounds" and is undergoing restoration.

Next to the train sits Gaby's Blacksmith Workshop complete with working forge, anvil, and benches to rest during demonstations. Gaby's workshop originally belonged to A.J. Gunstream and resided at the corner of Third and Main Streets in Frisco. J.T.Gaby bought it when Mr. Gunstream retired and renamed it. The shop was in operation until 1985. It's a large corrugated metal building (which gets pretty toasty in the summer months). There are demonstrations during the Open House and other events.

Near the front of the park resides a replica Log Cabin based on other cabins that may have existed in the area during the late 1800s.

The bright white building is the Lebanon Baptist Church from Lebanon, Texas, built in 1904 (after the congregation's first church was destroyed in a storm). Lebanon as a town disappeared when the railroad bypassed it (for Frisco). Surprisingly, the church was still in use until it was donated to the City of Frisco in 2003. The pews, tin ceiling and wooden floors are all original. This building is also available for party/event rental.

The Frisco Heritage Museum sits in front of the back parking lot and features the history and culture of Frisco in its early days. There is a nice covered wagon at the front entrance before you enter the museum itself. Great photo-op. Once you pay for your entrance, you enter the museum in the back and find an old-fashioned early 20th century car. Other exhibits include a printing press and "King Cotton" displays. Upstairs has a great presentation on the railroad (which may get moved to the railroad museum that is being constructed nearby) and a children's play area. A 1960's living room is tucked away in the back. For hours and ticket prices, check friscoheritage.org.

Learn more by checking out the office site - www.friscoheritage.org/heritage-center/

Heritage Center Address: 6455 Page Street, Frisco, TX 75034

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