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Western Travel - Frisco Heritage Museum (Part Three) - Frisco, Texas - #TravelTuesday

Continuing where we left off last week at the Frisco Heritage Center, I wanted to explore the Frisco Heritage Museum a little bit more as it had some great exhibits on the Railroad and its affect on the town of Frisco as well as some interesting artifacts. This week we'll just peak at the some of the tools found around early 1900 farms and school items.

#1 - Cast Iron Corn Sheller - removed corn from the husks. #2 (on right) Water Pump.
#3 (left) scythe - used to reap the wheat or cut grass. #4 (middle) Badger Foot Corn-Cutter - cut the corn stalks as the farmer walked down the rows. #5 (right) Pressure Cooker - used to preserve the fruits and vegetables that were harvested to keep on a shelf for a long period.
#6 (back) Automatic canning machine - used with tin cans. #7 (front) Ball Jar - for preserving food.

Stuff for School including a Globe, Fountain Pen, Lunch Pail, and Slate.

Come visit next week when I showcase some additional artifacts in the museum.

Learn more by checking out the museum's official site - http://www.friscomuseum.com
And the Frisco Heritage Center website - www.friscoheritage.org/heritage-center/

Heritage Center Address: 6455 Page Street, Frisco, TX 75034

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