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Western Travel - Frisco Heritage Museum (Part Two) - Frisco, Texas - #TravelTuesday

Continuing where we left off last week at the Frisco Heritage Center, I wanted to explore the Frisco Heritage Museum a little bit more as it had some great exhibits on the Railroad and its affect on the town of Frisco as well as some interesting artifacts. This week we'll just peak at the exhibits concerning agriculture - milk and cotton. For those with small kids, the museum also has a nice play area on the second floor where they can pretend to farm.

Processing Milk and Cream on the Farm
How this gravity-separator contraption worked was about 5 gallons of milk were poured into the top-left container and cold water was added. The mixture sat for 3 hours or so, the cream rising to the top. The spigot was opened to allow the milk-water mixture to flow into the bucket underneath while the cream remained on the top. Just before the cream escaped, the spigot was closed and a new bucket was placed there to collect it.
The centrifugal-separator (the contraption on the right) worked by person-power. Two people cranked the handle on the top bucket fast enough to cause the cream to squirt out a higher spout while the heavier milk flowed out the lower spout. They could process 57.5 gallons/hour.
The wooden device in the bottom-left was a butter turn. Water mixed with milk was manually pumped to make first buttermilk then butter. Since it was covered, young children could be assigned this tedious task.
A bale of cotton.
A weaving machine.

Come visit next week when I showcase some additional artifacts in the museum.

Learn more by checking out the museum's official site - http://www.friscomuseum.com
And the Frisco Heritage Center website - www.friscoheritage.org/heritage-center/

Heritage Center Address: 6455 Page Street, Frisco, TX 75034

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