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Western Travel - Dallas Heritage Village (Part Two) - Dallas,Texas - #TravelTuesday

Welcome back to our tour around the Dallas Heritage Village in downtown Dallas, Texas. Last week we stopped at the Miller's Log House, Millermore Mansion, and the Brent Place. The last two are really nice to look at but are not available for tourists. Today we'll stop by Gano's homestead, blacksmith, and farm in the very back of the park before making our way toward the Pilot Grove Church and Renner School (which we'll visit next week).

Gano Farmstead:
This farmstead was built in 1845 in the popular "dog trot" style where the house is split into two sections with a breezeway between them. The house was expanded in 1852 to include a second floor, additional rooms and the pine wood siding (to give it the pretty light color). Richard Montgomery Gano purchased the house and acreage (for $10/acre) after 1856 when he moved to Texas. Gano practice medicine in addition to farming and raising livestock.

Beside the Farmstead facing the trail is the
A small little building featuring a large wood-burning fireplace, bellows, blacksmith tools and a worktable. The Dallas Heritage Village offers blacksmith courses in addition to selling items that were made by artisans. You can find some blacksmith metal nails for $1.00 in the gift shop.

Past the blacksmith in the very corner of the village, we find the...
Surprisingly, the village has live animals resting back here in the pen - sheep and chickens. Across the grass are lots of farming implements.
Woodcutting implements:

For more information, please check out the DallasHeritageVillage.org
Learn more about Richard Montgomery Gano at the Texas State Historical Assoc site: TSHAOnline.org

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