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Western Travel - Dallas Heritage Village (Part Five) - Dallas,Texas - #TravelTuesday

Welcome back to our tour around the Dallas Heritage Village in downtown Dallas, Texas. Last week we stopped at the Neo-Classical Sullivan House and the lovely lavender Queen Anne style Blum House. This week we're taking a visit to the Doctor's office the Worth Hotel, and the Shotgun House. Next week will be our final week at the village, wrapping up with the Depot and the General Store.

Doctor's Office and Apothecary:
This Queen Anne style building was actually a residential home built in 1890, but is a good representation of what a person would have encountered visiting the local doctor. Compared to the Blum house, this one feels very tight and dark (and I apologize for the dark photos).
The Study:
Sitting Area/Waiting Room:
Exam/Operation Room:

Worth Hotel:
The 1904 Worth Hotel was typical of the establishments built along railroad lines to accommodate traveling salesmen and other visitors. Not only did the hotel provide a bed but also a meal (for only 25cents!) According to the lovely lady who acted as our guide, most visitors preferred to stay with friends or relatives whereas traveling salesmen (called "drummers") went to towns where they may not know anyone.
Sleeping Areas:
Dining Room:

Shotgun House:
Shotgun Houses were small working-class homes built as a rectangle of rooms with a single pass-through hallway from front to back, separated by doors which meant little privacy. This particular house in the village came from Guillot Street and was rented for $10/month. Amazingly, it had electric wiring. There is an awesome African-American presentation posted on the walls of the house showing the history of Dallas and the culture.


For more information, please check out the DallasHeritageVillage.org
Additional information and a floor plan for Shotgun Houses can be found on Wikipedia.org

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