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Western Travel - Dallas Heritage Village (Part Six) - Dallas,Texas - #TravelTuesday

Welcome back to our tour around the Dallas Heritage Village in downtown Dallas, Texas. Last week we stopped at the Queen-Anne style Doctor's office, the Worth Hotel, and the Shotgun House. This is our final week at the village, wrapping up with the Depot and the General Store.

Railroad Depot:
This depot was built for the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Line (MKT) in 1886 in Fate, Texas during the peak periods of railroad activity in Texas. Each railroad line had a designated color scheme and MKT's was green (which is hard to tell from my hazy picture).

General Store:
Our last stop on our little tour of the heritage village will be the Blum Brothers' General Store (on Main Street). Originally built by Albert Mueller in 1907 on Wolf St in Dallas, it was a typical style one large room building with a false-front outside (to make the building look taller/more prominent among several shops). According to the Visitor Guide, travelling salesman (known as "drummers" who drummed-up business for product companies) would sell their wares to these shopkeepers by showing samples and then the order would arrive by train. This store also has a post office inside of it.
Some of the shelves of goods:
Cash Register, Scales and Bins:

Well, that concludes our little walking tour of the Dallas Heritage Village. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a thing or two. Until next time!

For more information, please check out the DallasHeritageVillage.org
Interesting site for the MKT (also called Katy Line): KatyRailroad.org
A good picture of a typical MKT depot can be found on this site: KatyHeritageSociety.com
The Katy Depot in Sedalia, Missouri: KatyDepotSedalia.com

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