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Western Travel - Dallas Heritage Village (Part Four) - Dallas,Texas - #TravelTuesday

Welcome back to our tour around the Dallas Heritage Village in downtown Dallas, Texas. Last week we stopped at the Pilot Grove Church and Renner School. This week we're investigating the Sullivan House and the Blum House, both of which are amazing. Next week continue along the trail and see the Doctor's office the Worth Hotel, and the Shotgun House.

The Sullivan House:
Built in 1885 in the neighborhood called "The Cedars", begun in the 1870's and became home to a large Jewish community and wealthy businessmen. Daniel Sullivan purchased the Neo-Classical home in 1889. It featured a "separate kitchen, a laundry house, a carriage house, servants' quarters and a well" according to the Visitor Guide. Mr. Sullivan, who sold plumbing supplies, added an indoor bathroom to the home later, making it the first home to have one in Dallas. Mr. Sullivan died in 1926 as the neighborhood began its decline. Here in the village, each room in this large home is full of decorations and furniture. You'll see a parlor, girl's bedroom, sitting room, master bedroom, a study, and the indoor bathroom.
The Parlor:
Sitting Room:
Master Bedroom:
Girls Bedroom:
Indoor Bathroom (looks surprisingly modern):

Blum House:
This Queen Anne style house was originally built by businessman David Colonel George for his bride, Verner Elsie McPherson, in 1900. At the Heritage Village, a fictitious Jewish family named Blum occupy this home. It's a pretty house with lavender-colored paint. According to the signage, additional renovation are awaiting funding. Next to the house is a chicken coup (in matching lavender paint).
Chicken Coup:
The Parlor:
Dining Room:
Interesting Plaque about Kosher Preparations:

For more information, please check out the DallasHeritageVillage.org
See some pictures of the Sullivan House restoration project: Dallas Heritage Village Facebook

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